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What happens when you have a group of cats who own three wine lovers? Well, you start your own wine label of course!

Pablo, Snowy and I were your typical Cape Town cats, living a life of luxury with their every whim taken care of by our doting owners, but there was something missing in our lives. We had all the trapping of modern successful cats, the photos in the owners cellphones, the fluffy toys, the winter fireside rugs, but with the exception of one vital Cape ingredient, wine!

In 2005 we chanced upon an excess supply of sauvignon blanc, and being the intelligent beings in our homes we persuaded our owners Rob Meihuizen, Gerda Willers and Anne Jakubiec to start a company and purchase the supply. While pondering over a possible name, and a label, they ended up drinking all the wine themselves! Pablo and I could see this was going to require some feline intervention and he directed Gerda to a poem entitled “Four Paws”. We knew the potential, and fortunately our owners saw the opportunity, liked the ring of it, and so the Four Paws brand was born.

Rob, Gerda and Anne have been in the wine industry for over 15 years. When not taking care of us Rob and Anne operate as exporters of buyers own brands to overseas clients, while Gerda is an accomplished winemaker both locally and in Italy and Hungary.

Most of our grapes are sourced from selected suppliers as well as a small volume from our cellar in Franschhoek.

Volumes are very small at this point in time, approximately 3000, 6 pack cases produced throughout the range of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinotage and Pablo. That last wine is of course named after my partner, Pablo, who owns Gerda. From next year Four Paws hopes to increase both the volume and range. Our local sales are distributed through Ultra Liquors, and we process some small exports to the United Kingdom.

As cats we recognise the importance of social responsibility towards all animals, even dogs. Lot’s of people are dog and cat friendly. Four Paws is currently assisting the Animal Rescue to collect and care for stray dogs in Fransch-hoek. We are also looking into supporting our somewhat larger feline friends, with possible links to the Leopard Foundation and the purchase of tracking collars for our endangered brothers and sisters.

The Four Paws team are passionate about our wine. From 2007-2012 we won gold, silver and bronze awards at Veritas, and our Pinotage secured the prestigeous ABSA Top10 award. In 2012 we won double gold Michaelangelo awards for our Chardonnay 2010 and Picatso 2011, as well as winning the trophy for the best dessert wine. We aim to infuse our wines with elegance and balance, the same characteristics we show when confidently ambling along a garden wall. As cats we exhibit fine senses, and this is what we want people to experience when they see, smell and taste our Four Paws wines.


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